Sunday, 24 June 2012

All For Love

I am an extremely emotionally charged girl. I wept every time I saw the Titanic sink. I wept every time Ishaan     Awasthi from Taare Zameen Par sang Meri Ma. I have wept through all the scenes in every movie when the hero or the heroine dies. That is one reason why I prefer watching movies in the theatre. Although the effects are ninety times more affecting, atleast my friends and family can't see me wiping away my tears in the dark hall.

I just finished reading Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks. Does that kind of love even exist? I am flabbergasted. The love letters in this book was a splendid treat for me. The characters are so intense. The story although hard to believe is not unbelievable.

All I can say after reading A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, True Believer and now Message In a Bottle is that Mr.Sparks must be a true romantic. People just can't write such a beautiful, heart touching stories otherwise. As I was skimming through the last letter from Garret to Theresa unknowingly a teardrop plonked on the page. Much as I am forbidden from wasting my time reading love stories I somehow cannot stop myself. I just hope I fall that madly in love with someone when I am old enough and live a happily ever after.

A few drops of tear never hurt when you have the hope that you are going to meet him someday. Till then hoping a wishing for the best

Happy day :)

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