Friday, 22 June 2012

Sympathy Relationships

I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks back. Sorry boy, but I have to admit I was never in love with you. I had to say yes after nine proposals. This is something I hate about boys. They can be so persistent at times. In the end the girls just get pressurized into saying yes.
My boy here used to load me with chocolates and gifts everyday. Of course I used to feel guilty at those times but then was it I who was demanding for those gifts? We went out on a couple of dates too. But the worst part was that the guy was too shy. He never held my hand though he always wanted to. But the worst was when he went to the extent of asking me whether he could kiss me or not. I knew right then that things had to come to an end. I have always wanted such things to happen spontaneously. Surely I wasn't going to kill my first kiss this way.
So here is to all the girls who are committed just for the sake of the guy's happiness. Leave Him! Go find your prince charming. :)
Happy day

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