Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tik Tock

It is 12:30 am and I am still unable to sleep. Class X is very hectic indeed. All my hopes of a lazy blazy year has come crashing down.

Things were okay till the summer vacations but now I am running out of time everytime I try to fit in something new into my mental time table. Firstly my crazy maths teacher is always bickering about my absence in the class during her period. Firstly I got busy with the annual magazine work as this year I am included in the editorial team. Now when that has ended, the rehearsals for the group singing competition has started with the contest only a few days away. Our practice timings are often clashing with maths period and my ever so irritated and never too tired to lecture maths teacher is making the most of the given opportunity by mocking at my eagerness to take part in the many extra-curriculars. 

On top of that being a prefect is not really helping. Ofcourse I get the privilege to bunk classes but the frequent meetings and tasks like checking every student from head to toe to find out if they are in proper uniform is tedious. Then to my delight and also regret I was informed two days back that I am selected from my class to represent our school in a prestigious quiz. Then I have got to attend this social event where we are planning to clean a certain area of our town because I am a member of the team and backing out would mean that my counterparts will get ahead of me in the dedication department.

With my fingers in each pie I am finding it very difficult to manage my time now. I don't love my ex anymore instead I think I have started liking my arch rival in school's brother. God how much more worse can my life get?

Tired but nonetheless wishing you a happy day :)

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